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PROCUREMENT! We have International buyers looking for your snack and beverage company. Last year, our associates procured a 150,000 unit volume per week contract for a start-up beverage company. Yeah- we're that good!

Inventors! Let's get you packaged up and funded! Our PITCH Department knows how to put your white papers and investor documents together. We also present your brand to our investment network. Our writers and presenters have vast industry experience as well as strong relationships with our investors. So we not only know what they want to read... We also know how to talk to them!

As you may be aware of, the political climate in DC is a bit turbulent right now. Have no fear MG&A is here! We have friends on the LEFT & RIGHT of the aisle.


Our full engagement campaign program aims to increase voter participation in under-served communities. Some of the tools we employ are education,

registration, and mobilization. Thousands of voters in under-served communities, and their representative alike, continue to flourish from our tailored campaign strategies.


Our seasoned and highly-dedicated staff excels in mobilization as well as empowering this voting bloc. MG &A clients benefit from alliances earned with our excellence. One of MG& A's greatest assets are our ability leverage the collective's strength. We maintain partnerships with communities and its leaders. The MG &A PR department boasts years of press management experience. It actively maintains a host of select media partners. These are just some of the many reasons that MG &A has  garnered the trust of communities we serve. 

Let us serve you.