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Clients benefit from MG&A 's ability to cultivate ideas into viable outcomes. We've helped visionaries mold political careers. Clients of the MG&A team engage in domestic and/or international philanthropic activities. One of the core philosophies of MG&A is to serve communities that employ us. We are a global company - we make differences globally. The result? A global impact that has proven favorable for our clients.

Occasionally, clients we serve require privacy along side heightened security. We support and honor our agreements. The aforesaid clients will not be listed. However, here's a shortlist of some of the beneficiaries we have served. Note: you may see a non-profit that you may wish to contribute, please do. We may not be currently engaged, but if we list them then we have worked with them. And if we've worked with them they are really great causes so feel free to donate!

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...........    to name a few!